My 2017 Reading List

My 2017 Reading List

Last week I shared with you my goals for 2017, as well as the tool that I use to help prepare and encourage my goal setting process, PowerSheets. In addition to offering this goal setting tool, the company behind PowerSheets, Cultivate What Matters, also offers an online community for PowerSheets users to connect with and encourage one another!  

As a part of that online community, I work with another PowerSheets user to lead a monthly book club. With almost 250 other women spread out across the world, we seek to tend to our hearts and minds through reading together each month! 

I have always loved to read. My mom can tell stories of me as a child pulling all of the books off of my shelves and piling them next to a chair for my dad to read to me, or hiding library books in my closet because I didn't want to return them. In fact, last year I shared more with you all about my love for reading in this post! So helping to lead a book club is something I have always wanted to do because it allows me to openly share my enthusiasm for reading with others while also (selfishly) doing something that I love to do. 

The books we selected to read in 2017 as a part of the PowerSheets book club cover a wide variety of topics. The majority of them are meant to help expand our views on how to better plan our schedules, manage our time, and make choices within our lives that are meaningful and intentional. This year, in addition to the twelve books we've selected for the PowerSheets book club, I have a few personal choices in the mix! 

If you remember my 2017 goals post last week, one of the goals I'm working on is identifying avenues and time for creativity and inspiration. For me, reading is a huge source of inspiration, allowing me to think critically about my life and identify how I can work toward improving different areas of it. So as I've thought about the books on my 2017 reading list, I've thought a lot about how they will help me progress in this goal specifically. 

Now, without further ado...

The first twelve books listed are what the PowerSheets book club will be reading this year (in calendar order), while the remaining nine are recommendations or gifts from others.

What's nice about this list is that, in addition to helping me make progress in identifying avenues and time for creativity and inspiration, reading some of these books will also help me progress in other goals like living with less and having less fear in living a faith-driven life. Overall, I am very excited about what this next year of reading will do for me!

I'll share regularly what I'm learning from these books through posts here on You Me Serendipity, and I'd love for you to follow along. Also, if you're on Instagram, you can follow our PowerSheets book club hashtag, #PSbookclubbabes, to see what we're reading each month and what some of our members think of each book!

I'd love to know - do you have a 2017 book list? If so, what made the list and why? Comment below and share what you're looking forward to reading this year! 

Happy Birthday to You Me Serendipity!

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