May 2017 Goals


After having a miscarriage at the very end of March, the month of April certainly didn't start in the best way. But it finished with lots of conversations and plans for the future, which have me so hopeful now!

As I worked on my PowerSheets over the weekend, I realized that May is going to be rather busy; I have three trips planned (one without Kurt and the other two with him) - one to Indiana for work, one to Pennsylvania to visit my family and host a baby shower for my sister-in-law, and one last weekend in Orlando at Disney World and Universal Studios before our annual passes expire! It's going to be a very full month compared to April, but I'm feeling ready to move a bit faster again. 

And with that, let's review my April goals!

April Goals Progress: 

  • Continue with month two of Nancy Ray's Contentment Challenge - DONE! Each month of the challenge includes an action item, and the monthly action item for this second month was to use a gratitude journal. A friend of mine gave me a gratitude journal a few months ago and it's been a wonderful experience diving into using it!

  • Read two books from my 2017 Reading List - I only finished one book this month. One of my weekly goals has been to listen to podcast episodes more often, and I ended up dedicating some of my reading time each week to listening instead!

  • Finish knitting the blanket I started for Kurt's Poppy - Not quite there yet. I'm hoping to finish this blanket during the month of May!

  • Participate fully in the "Team Positively Healthy" April Beachbody Challenge - DONE! Because I had a miscarriage just before this challenge began, I didn't restrict myself as much as I could have. Instead, I focused on small changes - making sure I drank lots of water every day, and making sure I had nutritious shakes for snacks - that have certainly become stronger habits of mine.

  • Join the spring 10x10 challenge hosted by UnFancy and Style Bee - DONE! You guys - this was so much fun! I haven't finished my wrap up post yet (because I forgot to take photos of two of my outfits!), but it'll be posted within the next week. I highly encourage this style challenge because of how fun and easy it was to participate in!

  • Plan and enjoy a celebration of Master's Weekend with Kurt - DONE! Kurt and I even made our own pimento cheese following the Junior League of Augusta's recipe. Very official! And it was lots of fun watching one of my favorite players as a kid win. Congratulations to Sergio Garcia!

  • Have fun turning 31! - DONE! There wasn't really a way to avoid this goal. But so far, 31 doesn't feel all that different from 30. Kurt took me out to dinner and we enjoyed a great meal to celebrate!


As we move through May, I'll be focusing on the following goals. After a relatively light April, you can see there is quite a lot that I'm planning to try and pack into this month! 

May Goals: 

  • Finish strong with month three of Nancy Ray's Contentment Challenge

  • Schedule and have wine and canvas date night

  • Schedule (and maybe have) Wakulla River kayaking date

  • Schedule massage appointment for after my early month travels

  • Finish knitting the blanket I started for Kurt's Poppy

  • Start a new creative project - learning embroidery!

  • Read one book from my 2017 Reading List

  • Pay off one credit card

  • Begin our second round of fertility treatments

  • Plan for and enjoy our last weekend at Disney World and Universal Studios

  • Execute my sister-in-law's baby shower, and have fun with my family!

As I work toward achieving my ten goals for 2017, I plan to share monthly reviews and updates with you all. To be honest, doing so helps keep me accountable and your encouragement helps keep me focused! I hope you look forward to these posts at the start of each month! 

As a reminder, you can read more about all ten of my 2017 goals here. Do you have goals for 2017? If so, I'd love to know what they are! Comment below to share more about your goals for this year and how I can encourage you in achieving them this month. Happy May!

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