July 2017 Goals


Happy July, friends! After a busy May, I tried to keep June a bit more low key by committing to fewer monthly goals to accomplish. Now that the month has passed, I'm so glad I made that choice! I was able to slow down a little bit and begin mentally preparing for what is going to be a busy July. 

And with that, let's review my June goals!

June Goals Progress: 

  • Continue our second round of fertility treatments - DONE! While it wasn't the outcome we were hoping for, we did finish our second round of fertility treatments. As we prepare to move from Florida to Pennsylvania, we are choosing to take a break from this process. You can read more about what I've learned after having a miscarriage and going through two rounds of fertility treatments here.

  • Finish and frame my first embroidery project - MOSTLY DONE! And, a second embroidery project is also finished! I thought I had the felt I needed to close the back of the hoops but I was mistaken, so I need to pick some up from the craft store. Once I do, it'll take no time to finish them up! I am waiting for a third kit to arrive, but I love how quickly I can move through these projects. It's a different sort of creative experience from knitting, which I'm enjoying so far this summer!

  • Have three "summer fun" dates - wine & canvas, kayaking and a beach day - Well we went kayaking (check out the post here!), but we didn't get to our other two summer fun dates. Our day at the beach was prevented by rain, and we weren't able to schedule a wine & canvas date night because the location never got back to us!

  • Read one book from my 2017 Reading List - DONE! I read "At Home in the World" by Tsh Oxenreider as a part of the PowerSheets book club this month and absolutely loved it. Highly recommend for your summer reading plans!

  • Pack and plan for moving to our new home in Pennsylvania in August - This won't be completely finished until we actually move. However, we have finished all but one of the necessary pieces to finalizing our mortgage, have almost scheduled our closing, and have even started packing a few boxes!

  • Travel for three work trips without feeling overwhelmed - DONE! Each trip focused on a different large event that I am responsible for planning and executing as a part of my job, and each trip was successful in its own way. By planning out my packing list and giving myself some quiet time in the car and in the air traveling to and from each destination, I was able to tackle each trip without feeling overwhelmed!


As we move through July, I'll be focusing on the following goals. 

July Goals: 

  • Close on our first home!

  • Enjoy time with our families in Illinois and Pennsylvania

  • Pack and plan for moving

  • Read two books from my 2017 Reading List

  • Have one "summer fun" date at the beach

  • Send birthday cards out for July birthdays

As I work toward achieving my ten goals for 2017, I plan to share monthly reviews and updates with you all. To be honest, doing so helps keep me accountable and your encouragement helps keep me focused! I hope you look forward to these posts at the start of each month! 

As a reminder, you can read more about all ten of my 2017 goals here. Do you have goals for 2017? If so, I'd love to know what they are! Comment below to share more about your goals for this year and how I can encourage you in achieving them this month. Happy July!

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newlywed date: kayaking the Wakulla River

newlywed date: kayaking the Wakulla River