August 2017 Goals

A new month means a new planner!

A new month means a new planner!

I know it's still technically the last day of July, but an early happy August, friends! I don't know about you, but July felt like it passed rather quickly in my part of the world. And as I look to August, I have a feeling the same will be true again! July was and August will be a month that brings lots of change. But I think we are ready for it - ready for new challenges, new places, and a new home.  

And with that, let's review my July goals!

July Goals Progress: 

  • Close on our first home! - DONE! To be honest, I think I was expecting a bit more pomp and circumstance when signing all of the paperwork. But I'm glad that it went smoothly - and that we are now homeowners!

  • Enjoy time with our families in Illinois and Pennsylvania - DONE! While that two weeks of driving from Florida to Illinois to Pennsylvania and back to Florida was pretty exhausting, the time we were able to spend with both of our families was more than worth it.

  • Pack and plan for moving - MOSTLY DONE! There are a few more things left to pack and there are a few things we are trying to sell, but for the most part we feel really good about this move that will happen next week!

  • Read two books from my 2017 Reading List - This is probably the first month where reading just fell by the wayside entirely. I have been keeping up with the reading for the PowerSheets book club that I help lead, but have not done much more than that! I'm hoping that next month will be better for this goal.

  • Have one "summer fun" date at the beach - Not yet, but we still have one weekend left in Florida before we move. We're planning to go on Saturday or Sunday next week so we can say goodbye to the Gulf Coast!

  • Send birthday cards out for July birthdays - DONE! I have a lot of friends and family who have birthdays during the month of July, so I was really excited to share some happy birthday messages with each of them. I'm keeping this goal on the list for August too because there are lots of people to celebrate this month also!


August will be a month of some big life changes, but I'm trying to not lose sight of some of the other goals I have. In August, I'll be focusing on the following goals. 

August Goals: 

  • Move to Pennsylvania!

  • Research fertility specialists in Pennsylvania

  • Make a plan for updates to our new home

  • Work with Kurt to set a new budget for our family and think about trying YNAB

  • Read two books from my 2017 Reading List

  • Investigate opportunities to get involved in Easton

  • Talk with Kurt about what to include in new routines after we move

  • Get together with a friend

  • Send birthday cards out for August birthdays

  • Order and send moving announcements

As I work toward achieving my ten goals for 2017, I plan to share monthly reviews and updates with you all. To be honest, doing so helps keep me accountable and your encouragement helps keep me focused! I hope you look forward to these posts at the start of each month! 

As a reminder, you can read more about all ten of my 2017 goals here. Do you have goals for 2017? If so, I'd love to know what they are! Comment below to share more about your goals for this year and how I can encourage you in achieving them this month. Happy August!

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