My 2018 Goals

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? I have a feeling that it is, but I'm going to say it anyway - Happy New Year, friends!

For two years now I have used PowerSheets to set my annual goals. When I ordered my yearly goal planner last fall, I felt really energized. But as the end of the year approached and then January 1 came and went, my energy waned and I struggled to jump into the prep work. Even though I have seen the positive impact of using this tool for two years now, I didn't really have the drive to begin the process. It felt cumbersome and tiring, not exactly how I thought goal setting should make me feel! 

When I did begin the prep work, I found myself frustrated at the time it was taking. "Goal setting isn't that hard," I thought to myself. "Why can't I just get to the goals?"

It took me a couple of weeks, but I eventually became comfortable with struggling through the prep work. After a somewhat tumultuous 2017 I just wasn't confident in what I was hoping to achieve in 2018 and I needed that time to figure things out. To be honest, I'm still not entirely confident in the goals I've identified thus far. But I know that I can always come back to the prep work and change these goals as I need to - nothing is set in stone in this process! 

In 2018 I'm going to focus on living a life with more focus on STRENGTH. Building a stronger body, stronger relationships, stronger finances, stronger faith, a stronger mind, and strengthened confidence. 

With this in mind, these are the six goals I've identified for this year! 

goal 1 v2.png

Move and strengthen my body. In 2018 I want to focus on building my strength and making healthier choices. 

Why: Because it's time for a change - medically and mentally. 
How I will know if I'm successful on this goal: I will walk and bicycle 218 miles this year. I will swim laps 218 times this year. I will have more energy on a daily basis. I will continue to learn what a true portion size looks like and fill my body with wholesome and good foods. I will feel less self-conscious about my body and more confident in who I am. I will enjoy meals more by taking time to prepare them together with Kurt. 
How I will feel at the end of 2018 having made progress on this goal: Happier about what my outward appearance says about who I am. 

Prioritize and strengthen my relationships. In 2018 I want to focus on prioritizing and building more honest, intimate, and supportive relationships.

Why: Because we were meant to live in community, not alone!
How I will know if I'm successful on this goal: I will see my family more regularly now that I'm in a location that allows it. I will engage more fully in the PowerSheets online community. I will have regular call and video chat dates with friends who don't live near me. I will schedule trips to visit friends I haven't seen in a while. I will have a stronger support network. 
How I will feel at the end of 2018 having made progress on this goal: Secure in knowing that my relationships will continue to strengthen over time. 

Focus and strengthen our finances. In 2018 I want to continue the progress made in 2017 in learning how to use a budget and being more conscious about my spending habits. 

Why: Because this area is what is causing me the most stress in my life right now. 
How I will know if I'm successful on this goal: We will have more saved in our emergency fund. We will have less credit card debt. I will experience less impulses to purchase clothes when I have a closet that is already full. We will be able to plan more for our future and feel less anxious about how we will make our big dreams happen. 
How I will feel at the end of 2018 having made progress on this goal: More secure and less anxious about our future. 

Encourage and strengthen my faith. In 2018 I want to let go of feeling I have to hide my belief in God. 

Why: Because I believe God is there for me and created me for a purpose. 
How I will know if I'm successful on this goal: I will be more grateful in my daily life. I will be more open in talking about my beliefs. I will set time in my routine each day for reflection and prayer. We will find a church community that reflects our values and beliefs, and supports us in our lives. 
How I will feel at the end of 2018 having made progress on this goal: More confident, fulfilled and open about my faith in God. 

Challenge and strengthen my mind. In 2018 I want to learn new skills and continue to build and expand my hobbies. 

Why: Because learning new things is an important part of building a fulfilling life. 
How I will know if I'm successful on this goal: I will have more energy each day because of time built in for creative challenges. I will be able to share with others more about what interests and excites me. I will not feel bad ending my work day and beginning other projects when 4:30pm comes each day. I will have a new hobby I love to participate in on a regular basis. 
How I will feel at the end of 2018 having made progress on this goal: More well-rounded as an individual. 

Increase and strengthen my confidence. In 2018 I want to focus on being more honest, open and forthcoming, and spend less time on the things that don't help me live a life rooted in subjective perfection. 

Why: Because I have a lot of things to be proud of and celebrate!
How I will know if I'm successful on this goal:  I will expand the "Becoming Confident" and "Giving with Meaning" series. I will share more openly about my infertility journey. I will share things from a place of authenticity. I will feel confident that those who are reading will find something that positively impacts them. 
How I will feel at the end of 2018 having made progress on this goal: Further along in my goal of living a life focused on subjective perfection. 

If you followed along with my 2017 goal journey, you might see some similarities between these six goals and some of what I focused on last year. When I think about these recurring themes, I see how they align with some of my personal values and I start to feel energized again about this process. I am grateful for the steps that I took in 2017, and with my new goals, I am excited to continue working toward achieving what matters most in my life! 

Friends, I'm wishing for you the best rest of February and the best 2018. I'll be sending you encouragement every step of the way! 

I'd love to know - what are some of your goals for 2018? What are the tools and tricks you use to keep yourself focused and accountable for them each day? How can I help you in making 2018 one of your best years ever? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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